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Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Cas No. 9003-05-8 Water Cleaning Chemicals

Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Cas No. 9003-05-8 Water Cleaning Chemicals

  • High Light

    non - ionic polyacrylamide


    water treatment polymer

  • Chemical Name
    Nonionic Polyelectrolyte
  • Equivalent
    Flopam, Superfloc, Magnafoc, Zetag
  • Molecular Weight
  • Charge Degree
  • Applications
    Wastewater Treatment
  • Keywords
    Nonionic Polyacrylamide
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  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001, SGS, BV
  • Model Number
    Blufloc CPAM
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    30kgs or 750kgs big bag
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    Within 7-10 workdays
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    D/A, L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
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Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Cas No. 9003-05-8 Water Cleaning Chemicals


Polyacrylamide (IUPAC poly(2-propenamide) or poly(1-carbamoylethylene), abbreviated as PAM) is a polymer (-CH2CHCONH2-) formed from acrylamide subunits. It can be synthesized as a simple linear-chain structure or cross-linked, typically using N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide. In the cross-linked form, the possibility of the monomer being present is reduced even further. It is highly water-absorbent, forming a soft gel when hydrated, used in such applications as polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and can also be called ghost crystals when cross-linked, and in manufacturing soft contact lenses. In the straight-chain form, it is also used as a thickener and suspending agent. More recently, it has been used as a subdermal filler for aesthetic facial surgery


Basic Information
Trade Name NPAM/ Flocculant / Polyelectrolyte /  Coagulant
Active Ingredient High molecular weight flocculant polymer 
Chemical Name Nonionic Polyacrylamide / Polyelectrolyte / Flocculant / Coagulant
CAS No. 9003-05-8
Standard GB15892-2003
Brand Bluwat
Certification ISO, SGS
Port of Loading Shanghai, china
Delivery Time Within 10 Working Days After Got Your Payment
Package Packed in 15KGS, 25KGS Kraft or white PE bags, or 750kgs net big bag
Sample Free to test


Appearance   Off-white Granular Powder
Ionic Charge Anionic  Cationic  Nonionic
Molecular Weight 5-25million  5-12 million  5-12 million
Anionic Degree 5-50%  5-60%  <5%
Ph(1% aqua solution) 6-8  4-6  6-7
Particle Size 20-100mesh  
Solid Content   89% Minimum
Bulk Density   About 0.8
Residual Monomer 0.05% max
Recommended Working Concentration 0.1-0.5%
Storage Temperature(℃) 0-35
Shelf Life 2 years


1 Economical to use - lower dosage levels
2 Easily soluble in water; dissolves rapidly
3 Noncorrosive of suggested dosage, economical and effective at low levels
4 Can eliminate the use of alum & further ferric salts when used as primary coagulants
5 Reduction in the sludge of dewatering process system



Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Cas No. 9003-05-8 Water Cleaning Chemicals 0