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PAM Liquid Anionic Polyacrylamide Emulsion Oil Based Water Based

PAM Liquid Anionic Polyacrylamide Emulsion Oil Based Water Based

  • High Light

    oil based anionic polyacrylamide emulsion


    water based anionic polyacrylamide emulsion


    water soluble polymer polyelectrolyte flocculant

  • Chemical Name
    Polyelectrolyte Flocculant
  • Trade Name
    Blufloc EA6520/HAA7525
  • Molecular Weight
    Medium To Very High
  • Application
    Flocculant/Sludge Dewatering/wastewater Treatment
  • Manufacturer
    Yixing Bluwat Chemicals
  • Place of Origin
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  • Certification
    ISO9001, SGS, BV
  • Model Number
    Blufloc AA5414
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  • Packaging Details
    30kgs, 50kgs, 250kgs, 1250kgs drums
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PAM Liquid Anionic Polyacrylamide Emulsion Oil Based Water Based




Polyacrylamide emulsion is prepared by dispersion or inverse emulsion polymerization, which is a kind of polyacrylamide liquid present. The attributes of solid polyacrylamide flocculants, through the molecular chain of polar groups to adsorb suspended in the water particles, the emulsion might format the big flocs through the bridge between the particles or electricity.


It is a water-soluble polymer with different molecular weight and charge density. Primarily utilized as flocculants in water treatment, mining, paper retention, making, and drain help in the paper market, sludge dewatering, and thickening agent, oily wastewater treatment, drilling, and so on.


Polyacrylamide emulsion is divided into two types, water-in-oil, and water-in-water. Unlike polyacrylamide powder, the drying procedure is not needed in the emulsion-type polyacrylamide manufacturing procedure. For that reason, the polyacrylamide emulsion molecular weight and water solubility than the same powder polyacrylamide molecular weight greater. Water-in-oil emulsions are usually water-insoluble. In the emulsion-type polyacrylamide production process, or in the usage of emulsion prior to the dissolution of the dilution process, the requirement to include a hydrophilic surfactant, so that when the emulsion type of water reverse stage, so that the emulsion can be dissolved in the water. However the water-in-water emulsion is very easy to liquify, and also the synthesis process is advanced. Dissolve the emulsion with water using high-speed shear when the way, is so that the emulsion of polyacrylamide hydrogel is in complete contact with water and rapidly distributed in water. If the emulsion and water can totally contact the dispersion, its dissolution time is normally only 3-15 minutes.




Products: Molecular Weight: Anionic Degree:
Oil Based EA 6520 Very High High
Water Based HAA7525 Very High Medium


How to use:

Suggested to dilute to the concentration of 0.05%-0.5% solution before use.

Use plastic, enamel, fiberglass containers to storage the solution, do not use metal containers.

Avoid centrifugal pumps for polymer transfer

Agitate thoroughly via a low RPM

The dosage is based on different lab test results.




As flocculants for wastewater from different industries

2 Liquid-solid separation processes.
3 Sludge dewatering and thickening
4 Oily wastewater treatment
5 Coal washing and sedimentation
6 For sugar applications
7 Minerals selection and tailings treatment
8 Mining production
9 Retention agent for paper making
10 Drilling mud additive for oilfield
12 Fluid loss control
13 Lubrication
14 Shale stabilization
15 Friction reducer


Economical to use - lower dosage levels.

Easily soluble in water; dissolves rapidly.

Especially suitable for automatic addition and production

Excellent fluidity, easy to handle.

Perform well over a wide PH range.


Package and Storage:

Packed in 1000kg IBC tank or 200kg plastic drum or 25 kg barrel.


PAM Liquid Anionic Polyacrylamide Emulsion Oil Based Water Based 0