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Drinking Water Treatment Water Purifying Chemicals Coagulant ACH Aluminium Chlorohydrate Powder

Drinking Water Treatment Water Purifying Chemicals Coagulant ACH Aluminium Chlorohydrate Powder

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    Water Purifying Chemicals Coagulant


    ACH Aluminium Chlorohydrate Water Purifying Chemicals


    ACH Water Purifying Chemicals Colorless Liquid

  • Material
    Aluminium Chlorohydate
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    Colorless Liquid
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  • Al2O3 Content
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    Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Oman, UAE
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Drinking Water Treatment Water Purifying Chemicals Coagulant ACH Aluminium Chlorohydrate Powder

Aluminium Chlorohydrate, short as ACH can be used in drinking Water Treatment.


Trade Name: ACH

Active Ingredient: High concentration of Al2O3
Chemical Name: Aluminium Chlorohydrate Liquid
CAS No.: 12042-91-0


Description of Drinking Water Treatment Chemical ACH

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate (short name is ACH) is an Aluminium-based Coagulant, the most concentrated material of the PAC family, it offers the maximum alumina and basicity available in a stable solution form. ACH liquid is typically defined as at least 23%min Al2O3 and 83% basic. As it has the highest polynuclear content and the highest level of neutralization, it can deliver the benefits of PAC to the ultimate degree.
  • ACH is a workhorse product in drinking water and industrial wastewater applications, as it can provide performance across a wide variety of water conditions. With its high alumina content, it is the least freight sensitive of any of the PAC products.

Advantages of Aluminum Chlorohydrate

  1. It is accepted as the replaced product of PAC (Polyaluminum Chloride) used for the water treatment, to reach the same result when treating water.
  2. It is less consumed quantity than PAC and is very friendly to the environment.
  3. It can lead to the quick formation of flocs with big sizes and rapid precipitation.
  4. It has wide-range adaptability to the waters at different temperatures and good solubility.
  5. The solution of ACH is slightly corrosive and suitable for automatic dosing and convenient for operation.

Application filed of Aluminum Chlorohydrate:

1) Urban and industrial water treatment

  • Removal of heavy metals such as chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and other Metals removal, Phosphate removal, and other floating objects
  • It is generally employed as the primary coagulant in potable water and industrial water treatment plants.
  • For TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reduction, BOD(Biological Oxygen Demand), and TOC(Total Organic Cabon) removal.

2) Cosmetic raw materials and resins manufacturing


3) ACH widely used antiperspirants


Technical Specifications:

Appearance: Solid powder, white to off-white
Powder odor : Odorless
Aluminium as Al: 22 -24%
Al2O3 : 46%-49%
Chloride : 18% max
Al:Cl Molar Ratio: 1.90:1-2.10:1
pH(15%aq.) : 3.9-4.6
Basicity : 80-90
Insolubles: <0.01%


Certificate of Analysis

  Product Name: Aluminum Chlorohydrate CAS: 12042-91-0 Reference Standard: USP-34
No. Items: Specifications: Results:
1 Appearance: Clear, Coloress Liquid Clear, Coloress Liquid
2 Total Aluminium as Alumina (Al2O3), w/w % 22-24 23.46
3 Chloride, w/w% 7.9-8.4% 8.10
4 Al: Cl Molar Ratio 1.90:1-2.10:1 2.02:1
5 Sulfate (SO42-), ppm: ≤250 Not detected
6 Basicity, w/w% 82-85 84.5
7 Total Iron, ppm ≤100 65
8 As, ppm ≤1.0 0.04
9 Heavy Metals, % ≤0.001 <0.001
10 Mercury(Hg) ≤0.1 <0.1
11 Specific Gravity, g/ml 1.330-1.350 1.336
12 PH Value(30w/w) 4.0-4.4 4.36
13 Light transmittance (30%aqueous)% ≥90 95


Packaging & Shipping:

  1. 270kgs / 1350kgs plastic drums
  2. Should be stored in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight.
  3. Shelf life: 2 years.

Drinking Water Treatment Water Purifying Chemicals Coagulant ACH Aluminium Chlorohydrate Powder 0