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Chemical Treatment of Aquaculture Wastewater

April 10, 2023
Aquaculture wastewater typically consists of high levels of nutrients, suspended solids, dissolved natural matter, ammonia, and nitrogenous substances, which can position a significant ecological danger if not appropriately dealt with.
The discharge of without treatment aquaculture wastewater into water bodies can cause eutrophication, deficiency of dissolved oxygen, and the growth of harmful algal blossoms. It can also introduce pathogens and parasites into the environment, which can be harmful to human and animal health.
Chemical treatment is among the effective methods to treat aquaculture wastewater.

We perform a wastewater treatment jar test in Bluwat Laboratory.

Step 1: Add Water Decoloring Agent to get rid of wastewater color
Step 2: Add polyaluminium Chloride to reduce the effects of the charge of suspended particles and cause them to clump together
Step 3: Adjust pH to 7-8 to promote the elimination of pollutants.
Step 4: Add Polyacrylamide to agglomerate the suspended particles.
Step 5: Allow the mixture to opt for a specific amount of time, generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, to permit the suspended solids to settle to the bottom of the container.
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