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Polyacrylamide in Paper-Making Industry

August 5, 2022
PAM is widely used as a resident agent, a filter aid, a leveling agent, etc. in the papermaking field.
Its function is to improve the quality of paper, improve the dewatering performance of pulp, improve the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, and reduce the consumption of raw materials and pollution to the environment.
The effectiveness of its use in papermaking depends on its average molecular weight, ionic properties, strength, and other copolymer activities.
Non-ionic PAM is mainly used to improve the filterability of pulp, increase dry paper strength, and improve the retention rate of fibers and fillers
Anionic copolymers are primarily used as dry and wet strengthening agents and retention agents for paper.
Cationic copolymers are mainly used It is used for papermaking wastewater treatment and filter aid and also have a good effect on improving the retention rate of fillers. In addition, PAM is also used in papermaking wastewater treatment and fiber recycling.