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BWG Water Purifying Chemicals , Organisms Water Treatment Chemicals

BWG Water Purifying Chemicals , Organisms Water Treatment Chemicals

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    water treatment chemicals


    water treatment agent

  • Product Name
    BWG Bio-cleaning Agent
  • Application
    COD, BOD And NH3-N Reducing
  • Dosage
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    25kg woven bag
  • Supply Ability
    500kg per month

BWG Water Purifying Chemicals , Organisms Water Treatment Chemicals

BWG Water Purification using Organisms Water Treatment Chemicals

aeration tank bacteria used in activated sludge process with biological system


Product Description


Trade Name: BWG Bio-cleaning Agent
Brand: Blufloc
MOQ: 100kgs
Port of Loading: Shanghai Port, China
Delivery Time: Within 10 Working Days After Got Your Payment
Package: Packed in 25kgs woven bag
Applications: All wastewater treatment COD, BOD, NH3-N and TN reducing by activated sludge bio-treatment
What's BWG Bio-cleaning Agent
  1. It has special high efficiency for various types of industrial wastewater, especially for textile wastewater, we got very good treatment results.
  2. We have been continuously improving this product in the past five years, successfully overcome various problems in the actual operation of common micro-organisms, it can be used as biological strengthening technology in the biological aeration tank, to ensure that the treated water to be discharged at higher standard or be reused at higher quality. Solve the problem of biological treatment in short time and get better removal of COD, BOD, NH3-N and TN.
  3. This product is suitable for activated sludge process.






Advantages Of BWG Bio-Cleaning Agent

1. There are a lot of organism carriers in biological system, it can increase biological tank treatment capacity, greatly improve the shock resistance of biological system;

2. Solve sludge bulking problem that easily occurs in biological tank;

3. Increase the COD removal rate to 90% in biological system, remove 50% of TN, NH3-N can drop to almost Zero;

4. Withstand 4% high salinity environment;

5. Suitable for all kinds of wastewater, especially for difficult chemical industrial wastewater;

6. Depending on our application cases’ datas from leather wastewater, printing & dyeing wastewater, chemical wastewater, show that when the biological system is running stably, it can reduce usage of other coagulants with WWTP or stop using coagulants, reduce generation of sludge, and greatly reduce the comprehensive cost.


BWG Water Purifying Chemicals , Organisms Water Treatment Chemicals 0