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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Polyaluminum Chloride PAC

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Polyaluminum Chloride PAC

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    Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals


    Wastewater Treatment Polyaluminum Chloride


    30% Polyaluminum Chloride PAC

  • MF
  • Al2O3 Content
  • Manufacturer
    Bluwat Chemicals
  • Application
    Municipal Water Treatment
  • Capacity
  • Usage
    Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Purity
  • Cas No.
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Blufloc PAC-01/PAC-02/PAC-031
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    23 tons
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    25kg pp woven bags with inner plastic bags
  • Delivery Time
    10 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    3500 tons per month

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Polyaluminum Chloride PAC

Ndustrial Wastewater Treatment, Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Polyaluminum Chloride PAC



Polyaluminium Chloride / PAC, is an effective primary inorganic coagulant based on trivalent Al3+, excellent for drinking water production, wastewater treatment, as well as swimming pool treatment.


Through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and the polyvalent anion polymeric function, it produces large molecular and high electricity inorganic macromolecule, brings higher performance than traditional coagulants.


Bluwat PAC is a high-performance; superior-quality poly-aluminium chloride (PAC) based coagulant, scientifically formulated for use in a wide range of commercial, municipal, manufacturing, and industrial process applications including the treatment of wastewater and industrial effluent.

Accepta’s poly-aluminium chloride (PAC) is a highly efficient coagulant with low generation of waste sludge in a wide pH range, even at low temperatures.

Bluwat  PAC is used for several applications including the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water, wastewater treatment, the treatment of sewage, and industrial effluents. It is also used extensively in the pulp and paper processing industry.

Product Benefits

  • Superior quality poly-aluminum chloride (PAC)
  • Highly efficient coagulant
  • Low generation of waste sludge
  • Versatile, can be used in a wide range of applications




Products Appearance Al2O3 Basicity Insoluble
PAC-01 White powder 28-30%min 45-55% 0.1% max
PAC-02 Light yellow powder 45-85% 0.3% max
PAC-031 Yellow powder 50-90% 1.5% max
PAC-04 Dark yellow powder 50-90% 1.5% max
PAC-L Light yellow liquid 5-18% 40-85% 0.5%max

Powder: 25KG woven bag or 20KG white PE bag

Liquid: 270KG and 1300KG drum




Its dosage lower than aluminum sulfate (based on Al2O3) and water treatment cost are lower than other inorganic flocculants.


The product can cause the quick formation of flocs, big flocs formation, and rapid precipitation. Its treatment capacity is 1.3-3.0 times of other inorganic flocculants.


It enjoys wide-range adaptability for different-temperature source water and good solubility.


It is slightly corrosive and easy for operation.


The liquid product is suitable for automatic dosing. Furthermore, it will not block pipes over long-time Polyaluminium Chloride


Low acidity is lower than other inorganic coagulants.


Polyaluminium Chloride Advantage:

  1. Adapt to different scope PH water from 5.0-9.0
  2. High purity and low water insoluble
  3. High-speed flocculation and sedimentation with higher water treatment ability than traditional products.
  4. The high degree of neutralization of the HCl results in minimal impact on treated water pH when compared to other aluminum and iron salts.
  5. Friendly to the environment.

Package and Storage:

  1. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilative room.
  2. The product is packed in 25kg pp woven bags with inner plastic bags.


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