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Municipal Wastewater Purification Treatment Inorganic Nano Coagulant

Municipal Wastewater Purification Treatment Inorganic Nano Coagulant

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    wastewater treatment inorganic nano coagulant


    municipal inorganic nano coagulant

  • Appearance
    Green To Brown
  • Fe+2, %
  • Chlorides, %
  • Density G/cm3 20 ℃
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Municipal Wastewater Purification Treatment Inorganic Nano Coagulant


Bluwat F7 Inorganic Nano Coagulant Wastewater Purification Chemicals for Municipal Wastewater Treatment




BLUWAT F7 is a high active liquid inorganic coagulant that offers higher efficient clarification in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, water purification chemicals

BLUWAT F7 is Nanotechnology coagulant and have a lot of advantages for the biological treatment process.


BLUWAT F7 can get better flocs structure and improve the sedimentation of focs greatly, then improve MLSS and bacterial concentration during the biological process, so treatment efficiency will be improved greatly. It is used in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.



Better coagulation and sedimentation of flocs

Better SVI result

Decrease turbidity of treated water of 2nd sedimentation tank.

Promoting the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the aeration tank

Better removal of COD, BOD, TSS, TN, and TP by 30-60%

Prevent Scam and Bulking problems

Reduction of sludge by 30-40%.

Better sludge dewatering efficiency

Lower treatment cost



Specifications Data
Appearance Green to brown
Fe+2, % 7.5-8.5
Chlorides, % 0.42-2.5
Density g/cm3 20 ℃ 1.2±0.1
pH 1-3


Jar Test Procedure

  • Take 2 x 1 liter cylinders.
  • Fill them up to a 1000 ml with wastewater and sludge coming from the Aeration tank.
  • Mix each of them gently.
  • Add 1 drop of BLUWAT F7 product in one of the cylinder.
  • Mix gently for 4‐5 seconds with a glass rod or a rod long enough to reach the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Remove the glass rod
  • Take the time for the sludge to settle. (during the first minute will be very fast and then will slow down; you keep writing down the minutes/ml of sludge settled )
  • Wait 30 minutes and take the final reading of both Cylinder.
  • Obtain the efficiency of the product
  • Take a sample from the top clean water in both samples and measure COD, BOD, TSS and TP

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