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Paper / Pulp Making Color Fixing Agent and Retention Agent High Molecular Weight Polymer

Paper / Pulp Making Color Fixing Agent and Retention Agent High Molecular Weight Polymer

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    dye fixing agent


    dye fixing agent for cotton

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    Cationic Polyacrylamide
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    Paper And Pulp Industry
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    Bluwat Chemicals
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    Asia, EU, America
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    ISO9001, SGS, BV
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    Blufloc CAP
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    30kgs, 50kgs, 250kgs, 1250kgs drums
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Paper / Pulp Making Color Fixing Agent and Retention Agent High Molecular Weight Polymer


  1. It is generally accepted that the retention on a paper machine is largely a filtration process, whereby furnish solids are captured by filtration through the forming fabric and the fiber mat. Retention produced through filtration, or mechanical entrapment, is affected by many operating variables including basis weight, furnish composition, machine speed, drainage forces, type of forming fabric, and the design of the forming section.
  2. High basis weight, low ash sheets produced on slow speed single-wire machines may have reasonably high retention even without a retention aid program because these factors tend to increase the filtration efficiency. But trends in papermaking are toward lower basis weights, higher filler levels, faster machine speeds and increasing use of twin-wire formers — which reduce filtration efficiency and result in lower retention. Filler loadings of 30% in alkaline papermaking are now attainable due to chemically assisted retention.
  3. Coagulation is the initial step in the retention process. During coagulation, the electrostatic sphere of charge that surrounds the small furnish particles and keeps them well separated is neutralized by a cationic source (coagulant). Reducing the extent of the repelling forces allows the particles to come closer together. Effective coagulation is reached when the distance that separates the fines is sufficiently small that a high molecular weight polymer (flocculant) can span between the particles to form a “bridge”, producing agglomerates that can be retained by filtration through the forming web.


  1. High retention rate, reach 90%
  2. Highsolid content, more than 40%
  3. Good fludity, dissolving fast, dosing easily, automatic addition
  4. Low dosage, 300 grams ~ 1000 grams per MT paper
  5. Applicable to wide PH range, used in various kinds of papers
  6. non toxic, no organic solvent, no secondary pollution

Typical Properrities:

Item Index
Appearance: Off white solid powder
Molecular weight: 6-10million
Cationic Charge Density: 10-40%
Shelf life: 2years



  1. Significantly improve retention rate of the small fiber and filler of paper pulp, save pulp more than 50-80kg per MT paper.
  2. Make the white water closed circulation system to operate well and give maximum power, make the white water easy for clarification and reduce the concentration of loss of white water by 60-80%, reduce the salt content and BOD in the wastewater, reduce the pollution treatment cost.
  3. Improve the cleanness of blanket, makes the machine operate better.
  4. Make the beating degrees lower, speed up the drainage of wire, improve the speed of paper machine and reduce the steam consumption.
  5. Effectively improve the paper sizing degree, especially for culture paper, it can improve the sizing degree about 30 %, it can help to reduce the rosin size and usage of alminum sulfate around 30%.
  6. Improve the wet sheet paper strength, improve papermaking conditions.


Application method:
  1. Automatic dosing: Blufloc CAP solution →pump→ automatic flow meter→automatic dilution tank→screw pump→ flow meter→ wire.
  2. Manual dose: add enough water to dilution tank→ agitate→add Blufloc CAP solution,mix 10 - 20 minutes→ transfer into the storage tank→headbox
  3. Note: the dilution concentration is generally 200 - 600 times (0.3%-0.5%), add place should choose high box or the pipe before wire box, the dosage is generally 300 - 1000 grams / ton (based on dry pulp)

Package and Storage:

  1. It is harmless, no-flammable and non-explosive, it can be stored at room temperature, it can not be placed in the sun.
  2. It is packaged in 25kg kraft paper bag with inner pe bag

Paper / Pulp Making Color Fixing Agent and Retention Agent High Molecular Weight Polymer 0



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