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Bluwat Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin Decolorizing Flocculant For Textile Dyeing Effluent

Bluwat Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin Decolorizing Flocculant For Textile Dyeing Effluent

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    dicyandiamide formaldehyde polymer


    wastewater treatment chemicals

  • Product Name
    Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin
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    BWD-01 Water Decoloring Agent
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    Textile Waste Water Color Removal And COD Decreasing
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    30kgs, 50kgs, 250kgs, 1250kgs Drum
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Bluwat Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin Decolorizing Flocculant For Textile Dyeing Effluent


Product Name:

Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin


Colorless to Yellowish Translucid Liquid

Solid Content:     


Specific Gravity at 20°C:


PH Value (30% Solution):





Soluble With Water at Any Rate


30kgs net plastic drum, 250kgs net plastic drum palletized, 1250kgs net IBC drum

Storage Temperature:

Room temperature(10-35℃)

Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin is a special color removal chemical, which is a new type of high efficient decolorizing coagulant, it has been developed for more than 10 years, with very good stability.

  1. Dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin decolorizing agent is widely accepted the new polymer Decolorizing Flocculant, dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin chemical property is stable, soluble in water, safe, non-toxic, hydrolytic stability good, is not sensitive to the change of pH value, has the very good resistance to chloride, is an excellent decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater by an agent.
  2. It is a cationic quaternary polymer with medium molecular weight polymeric and has high color removal of dyeing effluent.
  3. The experimental results indicate that the dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin not only on hydrophobic dispersed dye color removal effect is excellent and of hydrophilic dye (reactive dyes, acid dyes) in addition to the effect of color is also very good, the dyeing wastewater showed that less dosage, in addition to the obvious, settling velocity and the processing liquid high clarity, while also reducing COD components, improve the removal rate of COD, COD removal rate can reach to more than 98%.
  4. Dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the PAC effect is better. The company can customize the bleaching agent for customer optimization, and improve the comprehensive effect of use.
  5. It is used to remove the color of wastewater generated by textiles process houses and dyes industries and other fields.
  6. It is specially working high performance with the dyeing wastewater containing the hydrophilic dyes (reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, etc.), less dosage, the color clear, fast speed, high processing liquid clarification of the settlement, but also reduces the composition of COD, improve the COD removal rate.
  7. It can be used before or after the biochemical treatment, suggested to dose after the biochemical treatment, can be with low consumption, and low effect on the bacteria.

Application Fields

  1. Dicyandiamide Resin is mainly used as a decoloring coagulant for high-coloring effluent from textile dyeing & printing mills, dyestuffs & pigment mills, ink & paper making mills, and color removal treatment.
  2. Dicyandiamide Resin is suitable to treat wastewater with different dyes, especially water-soluble dyes such as Reactive dye, Acid dye, Disperse dye, Direct dye, Sulphur dye, Vat dye, etc.
  3. In the paper & pulp-making industry, it can be used as a retention agent in the production process.

Competitive Advantage


Dicyandiamide Resin has stronger decolorization (50%~99%) and removal of COD (50%~80%).


Used to de-color high-coloring effluent from textile and dyestuffs mills.


High performance to treat wastewater with soluble and insoluble dyestuffs, such as Reactive, Acid, Disperse, Direct Dyestuff, etc.


Specially used to treat color wastewater from the textile and dyeing industry, pigment industry, printing ink industry, and paper industry.


Used as a retention agent in the paper & pulp processing


Faster sedimentation, better flocculation.


Less sludge is produced than other inorganic coagulants.


Soluble in water, safe, non-toxic, hydrolytic stable, is not sensitive to the change of pH value, anti-chlorine. Harmless, non-flammable, and non-explosive, it can be stored at room temperature, and it cannot be placed in the sun. 

Application Methods


The use of 10-40 times of water diluted nitrile double melamine-formaldehyde resin, and then the diluted liquid added directly in the sewage, with a glass rod to stir a few minutes after sedimentation or flotation can cause the effluent decolorization obtained after the clear liquid.

2Wastewater pH value reached 7-10 when can better improve the decolorization effect of dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin.


When dyeing and other need to deal with the high chroma of wastewater, COD can and of polymer aluminum chloride (PAC) with the use, but attention, not mixed-use. This can effectively reduce the wastewater decolorization processing cost, how to add PAC should be according to the actual situation, it is best to make the professional and technical personnel develop a good solution.


Have a solution of Polyacrylamide (Polyelectrolyte), 0.1%.


Have effluent, test pH value, and adjust pH value to 7-9. (It is very important, higher or lower pH, BWD-01 works not well)


Dose PAC solution, mix with effluent completely. about 1-3 minutes


Add BWD-01 solution, mix with effluent completely, about 5-10 minutes


Add small content of anionic polyelectrolyte solution, mix slowly to have big floc, Sedimentation.


Check color for treated effluent

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Application Case

A. When have biological treatment first and after they make chemical treatment.

B. When they treat first with chemicals, then the usual dosages are:


Test and adjust the pH of the effluent to 7-9


First, we apply the PAC (contact time 3-5 min with the wastewater), after then Dicyandiamide Resin (contact time 5-10 min), and after then anionic polyacrylamide.


It will give too much economy if we'll adjust the pH 7-9, otherwise, the consumption of color removal chemicals will be ~20% higher.


50-80 ppm Dicyandiamide Resin (raw)

80-100 ppm Dicyandiamide Resin (raw)

15-20ppm Polyaluminum Chloride (solid)

15 -30 ppm PAC(solid)

1 - 2 ppm Anionic Polyacrylamide (solid)

1 - 2 ppm Anionic Polyacrylamide(solid)

Bluwat Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin Plant Snapshot:
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