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Pigment Wastewater Color Treatment Decolorant BWD -01 Bluwat Chemicals

Pigment Wastewater Color Treatment Decolorant BWD -01 Bluwat Chemicals

  • High Light

    dicyandiamide formaldehyde polymer


    cationic polymer coagulant

  • Chemical Name
    Dicyandiamide Formaldehyde Resin
  • Another Name
    Color Treatment Chemical
  • Appearance
    Liquid Colorless
  • Application
    Water Color And COD Treatment
  • Shelf Life
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001, SGS, BV
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    30kgs, 50kgs, 250kgs, 1250kgs drums
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Pigment Wastewater Color Treatment Decolorant BWD -01 Bluwat Chemicals


Pigment Wastewater Color Treatment Decolorant BWD-01 Bluwat Chemicals





  1. Dicyandiamide based color removal chemical is cationic copolymer, active with the majority of dyes used in industrial processes, it is effective through the formation of organic complexes with the dye molecule and the subsequent removal of the complex’s solid particles by flocculation and sedimentation.
  2. It is working high efficient in different dye wastewater treatment.
  3. It also can treat the wastewater from paper, ink, pigment, sewage and oilfield.

Application Fields

  1. Used for treating wastewater from textile dyeing & printing mills, dyestuffs & pigment mills, ink & paper making mills, Electroplating coking, as well as the leachate wastewater.
  2. Reactive dye, Acid dye, Disperse dye, Direct dye, Sulphur dye, Vat dye etc..such wastewater can be treated very well.
  3. In paper making, used as fixing agent, same as Kemira K97




Solid Content:     

50% min

Viscosity: 50-200cps

PH Value:

3-6 (30% Solution)

Water Solubility:


Shelf life: 1 year


Application Method

  1. Test and adjust the raw wastewater PH to 7.5-8.5 before treatment.
  2. Diluted the dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin 10-40 times with water, then dose into the waste water directly. After being mixed for several minutes, waste can be precipitated or air-floated and the water becomes clear.
  3. The pH index of the waste water should be adjusted to 7-8 for better result.
  4. When the color and COD are relatively high, it can be used with the help of polyaluminum chloride to reduce treatment cost. Whether polyaluminum chloride is used before or afterwards depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process.
  5. Suggest to dose 1:1 to 1:1.5 with PAC to improve the coagulation, and reduce cost.
  6. 1-3ppm anionic polyacrylamide will help the sedimentation.


Package and Storage

  1. It is packed in plastic drums with each containing 30kg, 250kg and 1250kg IBC tank( or others according to your requirements).
  2. It can not be placed in the sun, storage temperature: -5-30°C
  3. This product will appear layer after a long-term storage, but the effect will not be affected with stir
  4.  It is harmless, non-flammable and non-explosive.


Export to


Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Viet Nam etc....


Bluwat Color Removal Chemical:


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